The SHAKTI Poly Septic Tank, with innovative nano baffle technology, is convenient to install and a cost effective alternative to a concrete septic tank.


  • Are light weight and hence easy to transport.
  • Easy to install and can be installed in relatively less time.
  • Designed with baffle system which directs the flow of wastewater, retains it within the tank, and avoids fouling of the environment.
  • More spacious compared to a concrete septic tank which has two separate chambers. The SHAKTI poly septic tank is designed with one chamber and hence can be installed in a smaller area.
  • Longer life as compared to concrete septic tanks as our poly septic tanks are not prone to root penetration which adversely affects the concrete tank.
  • In case of any repairs, our poly septic tank can be repaired after inspection so as to protect your investment and increase the product's service life.


  • Ensure proper bed surface to rest the base of the tank.
  • Provide for vents to allow an outlet for gases.
  • Before back filling, fill the tank.
  • Effectiveness of any Septic Tank would depend on proper installation, periodical maintenance and minimal use of acid cleaners.

Description Model
Capacity(litres) ST-1500
No of domestic users 6-8
Height(mm) 1713
Diameter 1280
Manhole opening 600
Inlet pipe(mm) 100
Outlet pipe(mm) 50
Total Tank volume(mm) 1.68
Chamber volume(mm) 1.55
Weight inclusive of lid (kg) 61.4