The SHAKTI In-Line Oil and Grease Trap was specially designed to protect the environment. Today, waste water from our kitchen sink has grease and waste from the food left over as well as detergents which comes along with utensils being washed. This combination goes into our soak pits which over time, depending on the quantities of each ingredient, begins to deteriotate in function i.e. the soak pit begins to clog.

The SHAKTI In-Line Oil and Grease Trap addresses some of the problems mentioned above. Between the kitchen sink and the soak pit at a suitable point, the grease trap is introduced. It is flexible and can be tailor made to suit a respective establishment. Currently this system is targeted at commercial establishments.

The waste water from the kitchen sink first passes through a bucket filter which helps strain out the solids. The solids can be emptied into a composting bin or dustbin meant for biodegradables and onward collection for disposal.

The waste water, oil and grease flow into a chamber which separates the water on the "oil floats principle". The water is then allowed to freely flow into the soak pit while, the floating oil and grease is trapped inside. At regular intervals, the floating oil and grease can be drained into a container for disposal later. This unique device prevents the separated oil and grease from flowing into the soak pit thus prolonging the life of the soak pit.